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PAC Robotics students showcase Robbie the Robot

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From left: Dr. Mike Flores, President of Palo Alto College; Dr. Yvonne Katz, Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees; James Rowsey, PAC student; Armando Garcia, PAC student; Jake Castro, PAC student; Carlos Gonzalez, PAC student; Leo Diaz, PAC Robotics Instructor; Gary Shelman, PAC Dean of Career and Technical Education; Roberto Zarate, Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees; Larry Jackson, PAC Dean of Corporate and Community Education.

Four Palo Alto College students taking RBTC 1305 Fundamentals of Robotics Technology, taught by Mr. Leo Diaz, showcased their newest creation on April 4 at an event by the San Antonio Area Foundation’s Spotlight on Community Series featuring the Alamo Colleges. Robbie the Robot was built and programmed by Jake Castro, Carlos Gonzalez, James Rowsey, Armando Garcia, and Casey West (not pictured).

Robbie the Robot showcased his skills through a variety of calisthenics – push ups, squats, headstands, and more.


Robbie the Robot performs a push up for his audience.

These students are evidence of Palo Alto’s goal to have students understand the value of STEM programs to be better prepared to meet future workforce demands in the San Antonio area. With the basics of robotics, students understand how to use this technology in manufacturing industries and also learn how advanced robotics can be used by the nation’s leading doctors to perform basic surgical operations like appendix and gall bladder removal.


Robbie the Robot, built and programmed by Palo Alto College students.


Author: Palo Alto College

As a public comprehensive community college, Palo Alto College provides exemplary, accessible education and training to a diverse and aspiring community. The College educates, nurtures, and inspires students through a dynamic and supportive learning environment, which promotes the intellectual, cultural, economic and social life of the community.

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