“I want to work in an office or in a hospital helping children. I have lots of medical issues, so that was always a problem of mine and also being able to pay for both school and medical bills. I didn’t get a lot of financial aid, but I got enough to pay for it. I got a job during the summer and I’m going to continue to work.”
– Kimberley, spring 2017 #PeopleOfPAC
 — at Palo Alto College.



“I know not everyone likes school and it’s not the only option there is, but I feel school is good for everyone and at the end of the day you’re nothing without an education… I’m really happy with myself and I guess my mom was in the back of my head so she’s the reason why I came to school… She came from Mexico, so I think that’s really big for her to come here and to better herself and to better us as her kids. And for me to have the opportunity to come to school and just waste it? She deserves me to be in school and have my degree one day.”
– Nayeli, spring 2017 #PeopleOfPAC
 — at Palo Alto College.


“I think the biggest change is it’s made me more responsible with the way I present myself, my veneer. PAC helped me get a job through the work study program, and I think that’s also helped me because it’s in a business office. I’ve had to change the way I present myself and the way I talk — not conform to the norm, but just have a sense of maturity.”
– Moses, spring 2017 #PeopleOfPAC
 — at Palo Alto College.